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Soal UTS semester 2 Bahasa Inggris SMK kelas X

Bagi seorang guru mungkin masih sulit untuk membuat soal sendiri kalau keadaannya sudah mepet dengan waktu ujian. Nah, untuk membantu semuanya.....Berikut ini saya berikan soal untuk membantu para guru bahasa Inggris khususnya bagi SMK kelas X. Semoga berguna...

I. Choose the best answer by crossing a,b,c, or d!

1. Before ... to bed, I set the alarm clock to ring at six.
    a. to go                                     c. go
    b. I going                                 d. went

2. Father : Why do you get home late, Son?
    Soni    : To attend the burial of Atok's grandma.
    Father : ... is she burried?
    Soni    : In the "Wijayabrata cemetery."
    a. When                                    c. Who
    b. Where                                   d. What

3. I ... Marry tomorrow.
   a. help                                       c. will be helping
   b. Will be helped                       d. being helping

4. We will not be ...
   a. working                                 c. is working
   b. work                                      d. worked

5. The man ... the red jacket is my uncle.
   a. on                                          c. in
   b. at                                           d. under

6. There ... a cinema and a hotel in this street.
  a. is                                             c. be
  c. are                                           e. were

7. We won't be hit by traffic if we cross on the ...
  a. zebra-crossing                        c. flyover
  c. footbridge                               d. pavement

8. In big cities there are many ..., especially in the rush hours, from seven to eight in the morning and  
    from seven to eight in the morning and from one p.m. to three p.m.
   a.  pollutions                              c. fly over
   b. traffic jams                             d. traffic-accidents

9. The Picture tells ....
a. don't cross the street
b. be careful the street is slippery 
c. be careful there are a lot of children on the street
c. don't turn left

Age in Year


10. a. Dzaky is older than Salsa                          c. Dzaky is the youngest one
      b. Renny is younger than Salsa                     d. Salsa is as old as Renny

11. This letter is for me not for ...
     a. himself                                                       c. him
     b. his                                                               d.he.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Campus information                  886-2791
Health Center                            886-3499
Housing Office                           886-1265
International Office                    886-5835
Police                                        886-6666
Residence hall                           886-9210

12. In order to make an appointment with doctor, which number would one call?
     a. 886-2791                                                         c. 886-3499
     b. 886-1265                                                         d. 886-9210

13. Which number would one call in order to obtain a telephone number not listed in the directory?
    a. 886-2791                                                           c. 866-6666
    b. 886-9210                                                           d. 886-1265

14. Which number would one call in order to contact a student staying in the dormitory?
    a. 886-3499                                                           c. 886-5835
    b. 886-9210                                                           d. 886-2791

15. Doni  : Well, what city will we visit next, Yogya or Malang?
      Indra  : I'd rather visit Yogya than Malang. I want to learn more about Yogya. 
      The underlined utterance expresses ....
    a. Preference                                                          c. anxiety
    b. desire                                                                 d. advice

16. Ani  : Have you finished doing your English assignment?
      Ina   : Yes, I have.
      Ani  : May I borrow it?
      Ina   : I'm sorry ... now.
    a. I will get my brother to check it
    b. I am having my brother to check it
    c. I will check my brother
    d. I will have my brother to check it

17. The operator asked Tono's sister if .. knew where to reach Rini.
    a. her                                                            c. he
    b. She                                                           d. him

18. Icha will come if we ... her.
    a. inviting                                                     c. invite
    b. invited                                                      d. invites

19. If I ... you, I would buy a new car.
   a. were                                                            c. am
   b. was                                                              d. had been

20. ... you tell me the way to railway station?
  a. would                                                           c. could
  b. shall                                                              d. did

 II. Answer these question!
1. What are they doing?

Semoga Dapat Berguna dan Membantu Semuanya!

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